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Dr. Elizabeth Sikora, PhD
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Let me help you put survival behind you and build a life that thrives.

When important life experiences and trauma, the feelings at the time of an experience, are imprinted on the mind and body, the effects may show up as repeated unhealthy or destructive choices in our lives. By utilizing a combination of traditional and experiential therapeutic techniques you are able to deal with whatever is stopping you from making your life what you want it to be now ... and in the future.

I will be with you in your process -- whether it is a professional change, a journey of personal healing, an evaluation to help you succeed educationally, a process of learning how to best cope after a brain injury, or as I guide you through a workshop experience. Once we have been through such growth experiences it is easier to move forward toward the goals, hopes, and strivings of the future.

You possess the strength to heal your life, create what you want in your future, and own and enjoy who you are. My role is to help you embrace changes and challenges to discover the deepness of your heart, and the power of your spirit.

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